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Intelligently Smart Robots Can Protect And Secure Health Of Every One

All of us want to hold onto the lives of our families, employees, and customers with proper safety and security. The physical presence of an Intelligent

GIGA society – What is the real Giga Society?

GIGA Society is the world’s most unique high-IQ association for those who scored IQ 190 SD15 on the high-range IQ test. The term Giga is an abbreviation

Award Winning Social Media Educator and Author, Dr. Karen Sutherland named 2022 Book Excellence Award Winner for Strategic Social Media Management: Theory and Practice

Strategic Social Media Management: Theory and Practice is recognized for its outstanding writing, design and overall market appeal out of thousands of

Hall of Fame Rapper and Racing Enthusiast, OG Arabian Prince Appointed CEO of Drivyn Performance

When you can develop a platform that harnesses the power of collective knowledge and innovative thinking, the limits are endless. High Tech Entrepreneur